Short Term Mission Trips

We offer you the opportunity to share the Gospel with high school students that are more than eager to learn English from a native speaker.

Along the years we have learned that one of the most effective ways to share the Gospel with high school students is to connect with them on their fields of interest and to respond to a certain felt need. That is why we created the Summer English Camp SPEAK OUT that will allow us to meet new high school students, to share the Gospel in a natural environment and to create and nurture new relationships.

This summer is a unique window of opportunity to touch young people for Christ. Give them a chance to know Lord Jesus!

We offer you the opportunity to share the Gospel with high school students that are more than eager to learn English from a native speaker.

During the camp you will tutor between three and seven Romanian high-school students. Daily, you will spend time with them, both formal as well as informal, sharing your life and the Gospel with them. Your task is to build relationships with those in your group by speaking to them about how they can have a new life as a child of God.  You will spend time with them in small and large groups taking part in different activities. Students know in advance that their tutors are Christians and will be speaking about spiritual things all week.  You will be a teacher of conversational English just by speaking with them. It is a great opportunity to present the truth boldly and watch God use you in another person’s life.

*Don’t worry, you’ll get all the training you need.

The Speak Out Strategy

The power of the Speak Out experience consists in fitting together the entire week’s activities and conversations. We are not merely meeting with them and telling them the basic points of how to become a Christian, but we are also spending time with them and giving them the chance to observe what the gospel looks like in our lives. We hang out while at the same time talking about the Bible and our beliefs. The high school students can see both in word and in action how Christ can change their lives. It’s truly a powerful combination!

Why being a tutor at the camp?

Speak Out gives you the opportunity to step out in faith, grow in your understanding of the Word and make an eternal mark in Romania! This mission centers on conversational English camps. Your in-country team consists of American and Romanian Christian students and staff. You will all live at the camp site, about 80 miles away from the capital of Bucharest, in a beautiful camp center site. You’ll experience training in evangelism, follow-up and discipleship. As a conversational English tutor and messenger of the Gospel, your words and life will communicate volumes to the students you will have in your tutoring group during the week. 

So we encourage you to…

STEP OUT and challenge the maximum number of high school students with the Gospel.
GROW in our faith and knowledge of the Word, helping others to do the same in order to…
MAKE A MARK on Romania and the rest of the world

Financial Requirements: $2200-2500


  • Airline ticket to Romania
  • Housing and food for 10 days - aprox. $500
  • Transportation inside the country - $200
  • Country sightseeing - $100
  • Scholarship Fund $300*

* the scholarship will be used to help students who are unable to attend the camp for financial reasons and give them an opportunity to hear the life changing message of the Gospel.

Please plan to join a couple of days early so you can get accustomed to the new time zone and plan to leave a couple of days after the project if you wish to do a little bit of sightseeing.

Let us know you are interested to hear more about this opportunity by leaving us a message and we will respond with more details.