- student ministry in Suceava, Romania

This year we had a good number of students coming for Bible study every week. We prayed to see how we can involve them also in the community. During a brainstorming, we asked them to think to some creative ideas about how we can give back to the community. For Christmas we organised a special shoe box campaign for poor people and we were able to give out more than 350 gifts to kids in a poor area in north of the country. They came, this time, with a different idea: to go to old people and help them.

You would be so impressed to see students cleaning houses, painting doors, talking and listening life stories, bringing them food and talking about Jesus! It was a project that touched not only their hearts, but also touched us, our volunteers and everybody who was involved.

Please continue to pray for our group of students during this summer. They are back in their families and we pray they will continue to read the Bible, pray and stay close to Jesus!